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    4 Benefits of UV Lights for Your HVAC System

    Jan 3, 2020 | Blog

    Ultraviolet devices offer numerous benefits when added to your home’s heating and cooling system, including keeping those cold and flu germs at bay. The benefits of HVAC UV lights for your system are many. If you’re a Puget Sound area resident concerned about how indoor air quality affects your family’s health, here are a few reasons to consider adding UV lighting to your HVAC system.

    Improved Airflow

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    Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) technology has been utilized in air cleaners and heating and cooling systems since the mid-1990s, when UV lamps were promoted as an answer for improving indoor air quality from the very heart of a home.

    While often a misunderstood technology that homeowners rarely know is an option, UV lighting works to prevent microbial buildup on air filters, cooling coils, drain pans, and duct surfaces, keeping your entire HVAC system working like new.

    As such, UV lighting reduces contaminants that could otherwise build up in your system’s ductwork and cause your HVAC system to work harder just to keep up. By eliminating contaminants, biofilm growth, and other organic materials inside your HVAC system, heat exchange and airflow are both dramatically improved.

    The major benefits of this include reducing your home’s energy use, improving indoor air quality, and reducing your overall maintenance costs over the life of your HVAC system.

    Improved Energy Efficiency

    Adding a UV device to your existing HVAC system can reduce your home’s overall energy consumption by up to 35 percent, which translates to a nice chunk of savings on your energy bill. UV lighting alone doesn’t save the energy, but rather it restores the HVAC system’s performance to optimal levels, reducing its power consumption and helping it work like new.

    When you consider that your home’s HVAC system is responsible for the majority of your home’s total energy use, you can start to appreciate the significant savings a UV device can bring.

    It’s important to understand that, as an HVAC system ages, its capacity is reduced due to contaminant buildup throughout the system and on the coils.

    This is why sticking to your annual HVAC maintenance schedule is so crucial, especially if your HVAC lacks UV lighting, because regular maintenance allows technicians to spot any issues and address them before they become major problems.

    Cost-Effective Investment

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    When you add a UV lighting device to the HVAC system, you’re helping the system keep itself clean, which is why UV installations are so cost effective for modern homeowners. Make sure, however, that a professional technician evaluates your home’s conditions to ensure it’s a right candidate for UV installations.

    There are a number of factors that contribute to the technology’s effectiveness, including the intensity and the number of UV lamps installed, their placement and direction, the reflectivity of surrounding surfaces, and the home’s temperature and humidity levels.

    If your home turns out to have the right conditions for UV installation, it’s certainly worth the investment when you consider all of the health-related and money-saving benefits. UV lighting in your HVAC system can also boost your home’s value and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

    Disease Prevention

    Arguably the main benefit of UV lighting in your HVAC system is that it helps reduce disease transmission, which can keep your family from getting sick. Your home’s HVAC system is designed to circulate air throughout the building, but the downside to this is that it can also circulate a variety of airborne bacteria and viruses.

    We trust and recommend the Air Scrubber Plus by Aerus for all of our installations. Air Scrubber Plus® is the only air cleaning technology awarded the Certified Space Technology seal of approval by the Space Foundation (in cooperation with NASA).

    air scrubber plus unit

    Air Scrubber Plus® doesn’t just treat the air, it also helps to clean the surfaces of your home, such as countertops, bathrooms, kitchens, and doorknobs. The Air Scrubber Plus® is designed to fit into your existing HVAC system. Installed directly into your forced air duct system, Air Scrubber Plus® utilizes many different technologies to clean and purify the indoor air.

    When your air conditioner, fan, or furnace gets turned on, air flows through the titanium dioxide-coated honeycomb matrix.

    When inside, the airborne contaminants pass through a strong UV germicidal light which works to disrupt the DNA of any airborne contaminants to render them useless. Once the DNA is scrambled, the active pollutants effectively die.

    Air filters can trap pollutants, but only air purification systems such as Air Scrubbers actually kill the contaminants and pathogens in your home.

    Oxidation Process containing several friendly oxidizers. Certified Space Technology continuously protects and purifies the air, and attacks contaminants on all surfaces.

    Since the UV lighting used in HVAC systems prevents or eliminates the buildup of any type of organic material on the system’s drain pipes, cooling coils, and interior ductwork, it not only improves airflow and reduces maintenance costs, but it also kills pathogens and other microorganisms that would normally thrive in an HVAC system. It’s simply a smart, healthy option that makes sense no matter how you look at it.

    Whether you’re just beginning to consider UV technology or you’ve already decided to go ahead with the installation, call Lifetime Heating and Air Conditioning at (425) 553-4328 or www.lifetimeheating.com to get started. One of our technicians will evaluate your HVAC system and provide you with viable options that can help everyone in your family breathe a little easier.

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