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    If you’ve ever had to deal with a damaged air conditioner, you know how time-consuming the effort needed to get it fixed can be, particularly when you’ve also had to deal with poor air conditioning service. When scorching summer temps on the way, don’t live with an unreliable HVAC system in Lake Forest Park, WA. Call Lifetime Heating for a fast and lasting resolution to your cooling problem.

    Count on Lifetime Heating to do whatever we can to get your air conditioner operating properly, using our years of experience to quickly find and solve the problem. From coolant leaks to faulty components, we’ll trace the issue back to the source and take a look at all available repair options so you can make an informed decision.

    With Lifetime Heating ready to help, you won’t have to worry about subpar air conditioning repair in Lake Forest Park, WA, again. Schedule an appointment with our friendly, knowledgeable technicians who have serviced a wide range of air conditioners, including some of the best-selling brands in Washington. Whether you bought your air conditioner just a few months ago or it’s nearly a decade old, our comfort specialists will keep working until we’ve found the root of the problem; that includes inspecting other related utilities and accessories. For example, sometimes poor performance with your air conditioner could be the consequence of a faulty thermostat or even a problem with your circuit breaker.

    There are multiple symptoms that could suggest it’s time to look at repairing or replacing your AC unit; some of those include: unusual noises, unpleasant odors, water or refrigerant leaks, high humidity, obstructed airflow, and obviously a lack of cool air. Don’t wait to call if you notice something, because things could get worse or impact other parts of your HVAC system. Regardless of the what’s going on, your friends at Lifetime Heating are available at (425) 296-3081 the next time you think your air conditioner isn’t working properly.


    While the price of a new air conditioner may leave some homeowners reconsidering moving forward, there are a lot of benefits to requesting a NATE-certified installer – such as Lifetime Heating’s team – to install your new air conditioning system. A well installed air conditioner can offer amazing and reliable cooling with innovative new features designed to increase savings and offer stronger overall energy efficiency. Our expert installers can help you find the perfect replacement air conditioner for your family or business. Whether you need residential or commercial air conditioning installation in Lake Forest Park, WA, Lifetime Heating can handle it.

    Even top-of-the-line air conditioners will begin to work less efficiently at around the equipment age of 10 years, and might even show signs of total failure. Before your HVAC system shuts down unexpectedly or causes a spike in your energy bills, it’s a good idea to explore what the perfect replacement model might be. It should be adequately sized for your property and powerful enough to meet your cooling needs.

    The latest air conditioning models often claim higher energy efficiency because of advances in their design, which translates to long-term savings on your monthly energy bills. This becomes more cost-effective over time than keeping an existing system around. Lifetime Heating can provide a seamless transition, replacing your inefficient air conditioner with a new and reliable model, offering the comfort you deserve.


    Staying warm during Lake Forest Park, WA winters has a lot to do with the quality and reliability of your furnace system. Whether you’re at home or at work, it ensures that you and everyone else stays comfortable regardless of how cold it gets outside. That’s a lot harder to manage when your furnace is malfunctioning.

    If you discover your furnace making loud noises, failing to generate enough heat, or using more energy and fuel than is typical, it may be time to call Lifetime Heating. While fast repairs can minimize the severity of a problem, prevention is always your best bet. That’s why routine furnace maintenance is always something worth considering. Regularly scheduled maintenance can lower the risk of problems while increasing energy efficiency at the same time, making it a wise investment in your HVAC system.

    Dependable furnace repair in Lake Forest Park, WA, is just a phone call away. Our helpful, knowledgeable staff will show up on-time, diagnose the issue(s) and provide you options to solve them. The next time you have concerns about your furnace, call Lifetime Heating and we’ll get you back to the comfort you deserve.


    Every homeowner or business needs reliable heat during Washington winters, and that’s why picking the right furnace is so important. Choosing the best model for your heating needs helps ensure that your home or business is comfortable for everyone year-round, especially when winter is in full swing. You can set yourself up for success by working with a professional like Lifetime Heating for new or replacement furnace installation.

    We can make the process as convenient as possible, helping you select the ideal make and model for your next heating system. For example, a variable-speed model can offer more focused heat generation, optimizing your energy use.

    When you work with Lifetime Heating, new or replacement furnace installation in Lake Forest Park, WA, is simple. Our trusted professionals bring years of expertise and a commitment to customer satisfaction to the table so you can relax and enjoy the cozy environment.



    Is your electrical system acting weird? Dealt with any power disruptions or damaged wiring? If your electrical system is in bad shape, your home or business can suffer from power outages, an increase in energy use and other electrical issues. Electrical problems in your home or business can be dangerous to resolve without proper training. 

    With some of the most experienced electricians in Lake Forest Park, WA, Lifetime Heating can work with you if there’s a problem with your wiring, electrical connections, or fixtures. Here are a couple of the reasons why you should get a professional to take a look:

    • Outlets are creating sparks or demonstrating signs of damage
    • Lights are dim or failing to turn on
    • You catch the smell of burning plastic near wiring or electrical connections
    • Fuses are blown or breakers are tripped
    • You’re planning a renovation project that will need new fixtures or wiring

    There are many reasons to contact a professional electrician for help with the repair, installation, or maintenance of your electrical system. No matter what the problem is, your safety is our top priority. From minor repairs to comprehensive rewiring projects, Lifetime Heating has the expertise on staff to handle all of your electrical projects. 

    Reach out to Lifetime Heating at (425) 296-3081 to get the high-quality electrical services in Lake Forest Park, WA, that you deserve. Be it commercial or residential, your electrical problem is ours to resolve!

    What Our Customers Say

    Business responded quickly to my inquiry for service (thanks Renee!). Bobby arrived on time, explained everything he was doing, was quick, efficient and stuck to their quote, which was very reasonable BTW. I'm scheduling them for more services and wouldn't hesitate referring them to anyone.UPDATE! we had Lifetime return for dryer duct and vent cleaning, then for AC maintenance. Very happy both times and will continue to use their services. 5 thumbs up!👍👍👍👍👍
    Laurie Hunt
    19:28 26 May 21
    What a great company filled with friendly, yet professional people who care about your job from the beginning to end. It starts with Renee who schedules the team to come out. The installers, Nick and Beau were excellent in checking in and communicating every step throughout the day. Electricians Tony and Alex had challenges with our system, but figured it out and voila! We have nice, cool, fresh air filling up our food bank!Then, here came David a few days later to service our furnace. Another excellent employee. We purchased the Premier Club Maintenance Plan and thrilled that we did!
    Elizabeth Grant
    00:28 01 Sep 21
    Installed split level AC + air purifier. Everyone here was a pro and eager to just get things done. Lemme call out Tony, Alex, Ash, Jaeden, Rudy, Renee as all being top notch people to work with.I tried to tip them, but they wouldn't even accept it. I have been absolutely impressed with their service, as well as just being all around good folks.Oh, and the AC / purifier works great. I'm ready for the heatwaves and wildfire smoke next Summer!
    Derek Cook
    17:23 04 Oct 21
    Nick, Beau & Tony did a great job installing our new AC & Furnace. Very professional, friendly & quick install. Nick had quite a job in such a tight space & did a terrific job. Beau even fixed a ducting problem after a previous contractor did a shoddy job. We so Appreciated their attention to detail. Great, professional, informative & fun team & we felt totally confident in their ability. We will definitely recommend them to friends who are looking for new AC. They even installed a much better & easier to use thermostat, set it up for our schedule. And the AC is so cool! Thanks Nick, Beau. & Tony.
    Debbie Osterbeck
    03:50 14 Aug 21
    We called this company based off all the amazing google reviews and when we met with the company, we instantly knew we contacted the right people. They got us in for an estimate early, they scheduled us for our install the very next week (mind you it’s middle of summer when AC is WA is in high demand). The estimate was straight forward and they also looked into a few other heating questions we had regarding our home that was built a couple years that we think the builder didn’t install the best way.. I could go on and on. This seems like such a great company that truly cares about their people and their customers. We are excited to CHILL in our new AC that will be installed by this amazing company. 🙂 we have our install next week and I will submit another review after but let me tell you, from this point, we have had a great experience!! We worked with Robert who gave us our estimate and he is awesome!!
    Samantha Kinsella
    18:29 11 Aug 21

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