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    AC Installation & Replacement

    Nov 6, 2020 | Blog

    This year is one of the hottest Washington State has ever known! Seattle and Kirkland are having record-breaking temperatures, and towns all over the state are experiencing all time highs. Homeowners everywhere have been having difficulties with their AC units breaking or failing. If you find yourself needing a new or replacement AC unit, we can help!

    Understanding Air Conditioning

    There are different types of air conditioning units, each with its own set of advantages. Central Air Conditioners, Room Air Conditioners (the ones you see in windows), Ductless, Mini-Split Cooling Systems, and Evaporative Coolers. Most often, the unit you choose for your home depends on your house’s condition and use. Larger homes and new construction benefit from having Central Air Conditioning. New additions to homes, or smaller spaces make good use of Room Air Conditioning and Ductless systems. Before springing for a new AC unit, take the time to have your situation examined. We can recommend the right unit for your home!

    Maintaining Your New Air Conditioner

    Part of choosing an AC System for your home is being prepared for maintenance needs. Larger systems, like Central Air Conditioners, require an annual inspection and cleaning. Some homeowners like to do this on their own, while others prefer to have us do this for them. Other units such as Ductless AC Systems require monthly filter cleaning or replacement. When you have your new unit installed, make sure to ask about maintenance needs. Tip: we also provide regular service to help with this!

    An air conditioner is a big investment for your home. It affects your energy consumption, monthly electric bills, home value, and of course, comfort. When you make this investment, don’t forego a consultation. We are proud to help our community stay cool all year round! Be sure to check out our promotions page, as we offer discounts for those who serve our country and communities, seniors, and educators.