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    May 10, 2020 | Blog

    2021 is not the summer to have problems with your AC! Washington State has been in a heat dome, reaching record high temperatures from Seattle, to Olympia, even out in the Cascades! Even if you aren’t having problems with your AC unit yet, it may be time for an inspection if you haven’t had it cleaned or serviced in a while.

    Understanding Your AC System

    There are many kinds of air conditioners for homes, and each has its own set of needs. The first step to prepare for the heat is to understand your home’s cooling system. There are four main types of AC Systems: Central Air Conditioners, Room Air Conditioners (the ones you see in windows), Ductless, Mini-Split Cooling Systems, and Evaporative Coolers. These all last 10-20 years depending on your system, how well it was installed, and your maintenance habits. To better understand your AC, first identify the system, the manufacturer, and make a log of the last time you had it serviced. From there, we can help you keep it running all summer!

    Maintaining Your Home’s AC System

    Once you know what AC System you have, it’s important to understand its maintenance needs. All AC Systems need their filters changed; either monthly or yearly depending on your Air Conditioner Type. Central air systems need their coil and coil fins checked and cleaned, and the air filters replaced annually. Split Systems need their filters cleaned monthly, and window air conditioners need their seals inspected regularly. Beyond that, if you have an older system, have us professionally inspect your unit to evaluate needed repairs!

    Repairing or Replacing Your AC System

    Did you know that about a third of U.S. households don’t have Air Conditioning? If you’re looking to have a system installed for the first time, we can recommend the right AC System for your home. If your AC isn’t functioning properly we can inspect it to determine repair needs. Common problems with Air Conditioners include low or leaking refrigerant, sensor problems which cause a disconnect between the thermostat and the AC system, problems with the thermostat itself, drainage problems, and dirty filters. You can clean a dirty filter yourself, but it’s important to have a professional diagnose the problem when it isn’t functioning correctly. We will repair what we can, and advise you in case a replacement is needed.

    Keeping your home’s air cool is important during the hot summer months, even up in Washington. If your home isn’t cooling like you want it to, even if you have a good AC System, there are likely repairs that need to be done. We offer discounts for those in education, public service such as firefighters and policemen, and military. We also have promotions for our seniors. You deserve a home with cool air! Visit our promotions page to see what we can offer you, schedule regular service so you can set-it-and-forget-it, or call us for a consultation. We are happy to help you stay cool!