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    Commercial HVAC Services

    Aug 23, 2019 | Blog

    If are looking for a reliable method for distributing even heat throughout your commercial space, then a commercial HVAC unit just may be the answer you are looking for.

    If your commercial space is located in the Greater Seattle area, then chances are you will be looking for a unit to deliver reliable heating and cooling all year long.

    Even a short disruption in service can spell disaster for your business.

    Whether you are renting the commercial space out to tenants, or using it as an office for your business, you want to be able to keep your employees and clients comfortable and content all year round.

    For dependable and efficient commercial heating service in Western Washington, Lifetime Heating and Air Conditioning is a perfect choice.

    Lifetime Heating and Air Conditioning

    The professional HVAC technicians at Lifetime can help you decide on the best commercial HVAC unit for your location, as well as handling all the installation, maintenance, and repair services.

    The experts at Lifetime have been operating around Western Washington for almost 20 years, and are passionate about exceptional customer service and superb results.

    Lifetime consistently ranks as a 5 star rated business on Facebook, Google and Angie’s List and was awarded the 2018 Angie’s List Super Service Award!

    Why choose Lifetime Heating and Air Conditioning?

    There are many advantages to selecting Lifetime for all your commercial heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality service needs.

    Some of the most compelling reasons to choose Lifetime, are:

    • Quick response time
    • Competitive pricing
    • Quality workmanship
    • Fully license, bonded, and insured
    • Fully licensed technicians
    • Exemplary track record

    Quick Response Time

    Lifetime offers a 2-hour turn around time for commercial heating service requests. A Lifetime representative will get back to you within a 2-hour period during regular business hours to address your request.

    Competitive Pricing

    The commercial heating services offered at Lifetime are not only practical and efficient, but also affordable and fully transparent.
    Several service plans are available to choose from.

    Quality Workmanship

    Lifetime uses top of the line products and equipment to service all commercial heating, cooling and indoor air quality needs.
    The HVAC technicians having been selected based on qualifications as well as experience in the industry.


    Fully Insured

    Lifetime is fully insured to handle any commercial heating requests so you don’t have worry about unforeseen complications or expenses.

    Fully Licensed Technicians

    All the HVAC technicians at Lifetime are fully licensed gas piping and refrigeration technicians.

    Exemplary Track Record

    The track record at Lifetime speaks for itself, with almost 20 years of superior service in the industry and numerous awards to prove it.

    “We Guarantee Your Comfort for a Lifetime!”

    Benefits of Commercial Heating Service

    There are a multitude of great benefits to be had from a commercial HVAC heating unit.

    Some advantages to note may include:

    • Health benefits
    • Financial benefits
    • Environmental benefits

    Health Benefits

    Commercial HVAC units are more efficient than traditional heating systems, which provides better air quality for the people in your commercial space.

    Financial Benefits

    This increased efficiency also offers financial benefits in form of lower utility bills and increased employee productivity.

    Environmental Benefits

    A more efficient heating system is also better for the environment, cutting down on wasted energy and air pollution.

    At Lifetime Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer full-service commercial HVAC services:

    • Commercial AC maintenance
    • Commercial AC repair
    • Commercial AC replacement
    • Commercial furnace maintenance
    • Commercial furnace repair
    • Commercial furnace replacement

    For more information on our commercial HVAC installation, maintenance and repair services or to schedule an on site assessment for your upcoming project, call our experts or visit us online at (425) 553-4328 or www.heatingforlife.com

    “We Guarantee Your Comfort for a Lifetime!”