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    Grounding Electrical grounding

    Mar 4, 2021 | Blog

    Electrical grounding 

    Being grounded is important for all aspects of life, but especially for your electrical system. Luckily, electrical grounding is simple to understand once you have all the information. If your Seattle or Kirkland home was recently rewired, it’s important to make sure that any rewiring done in your home is properly grounded to keep you and your family safe.

    Why Electric Grounding is Important

    Making sure your home is grounded electrically is vital to safeguard against electric shock and fire risk. Electrical systems have both a positive and negative charge and must be grounded to keep things flowing properly. A grounding wire makes sure that, if any problems arise, the negative electrical current (which is hot) has a safe place to flow. If your negative current isn’t grounded, that electrical current could flow to pipes or framing in the house, cause a short circuit, and increase potential fire risk. 

    Important things to consider

    One thing that’s important to keep in mind is that your electrical system MUST be up to code for your area. If it’s not you could not only be facing an increased risk of fire, but possible fines as well. If you’ve recently rewired your home you also need to make sure that that current is grounded and up to code.

    How to tell if your wires are grounded

    An easy way to test if your wires are grounded is by using a circuit tester. Insert the circuit tester into your outlet. If the indicator light illuminates, that outlet is grounded. If not it either isn’t grounded or the wires are reserved.

    If you need help grounding your electrical rewiring, let Lifetime Heating and Cooling help!