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    Indoor Air Quality Seattle

    Indoor Air Quality Seattle

    Breathing is an unconscious action, but if the indoor air quality Seattle, WA of your home is low, you may feel like trying to suck air through a straw. Surviving on shallow breaths due to poor indoor air quality Seattle puts a lot of stress on your body.

    Respiratory irritation and airborne allergens affect the quality of your sleep, and the indoor air quality Seattle, if poor, can lead to sleep-disordered breathing problems. With clean indoor air quality Seattle you can wake up feeling refreshed.

    For easier breathing when asleep and awake, Lifetime Heating offers an innovative system for superior indoor air quality Seattle. We provide these services:

    • Air quality tester
    • Indoor air quality monitor
    • Indoor air purifier
    • Home air filtration system

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    Air Quality Testing Seattle

    Gases and particles from combustion are the leading sources of indoor air pollution, warranting air quality testing Seattle. Poor indoor air quality can cause illness, asthma, and worse. So it is important to get air quality testing Seattle done for your home.

    The top pollutants released by combustion are carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulate matter. If there is more CO found during air quality testing Seattle home, it may be the cause of an array of your symptoms from headaches and nausea at the least to confusion and unconsciousness if the air pollution is toxic. If there is larger concentration of NO2 found during air quality testing Seattle it irritates mucous membranes and causes shortness of breath.

    With thorough air quality testing Seattle, you will know more about the airborne particulates in your home. With us you get these excellent inspections:

    • Air quality test for mold
    • Residential air quality testing
    • Home air check
    • Check air quality in home

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    Home Air Filtration System Seattle

    With our home air filtration system Seattle, ensure your family is breathing only clean air. The EPA estimates that indoor air is two to five times dirtier than outdoor air. Our home air filtration system Seattle keeps you healthy.

    Our home air filtration system Seattle helps remove unpleasant odors as well. You love to cook, but your weekly fish fry makes the house smell like, well, fish! With our home air filtration system Seattle, get rid of unpleasant and burnt food odors as well as other pollutants.

    Install our home air filtration system Seattle to experience fresh and healthy air in your home throughout the year. We offer these systems:

    • Whole house air filtration system
    • Whole house air purification systems
    • Whole home air filtration system
    • Home air purification system

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