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    Electrical Service Upgrades

    Feb 4, 2021 | Blog

    There may come a time when you’re renovating or expanding your home and need more power. Particularly in the Pacific Northwest, where towns like Seattle and Everett are home to many old, historic buildings, electrical systems are often small and out of date. Maybe you’re switching to an electric vehicle and need more amperage on your circuit. Maybe you’re adding square footage and need to power a larger building. There are many situations where you’ll need an electrical service upgrade.

    What Exactly is an Electrical Service Upgrade?

    An electrical service upgrade is essentially opening up room for more electricity. All buildings have electrical systems which are designed to support a maximum amount of amperage. For older homes this can range from 50-100 amps. In decades past, less of our daily lives were powered electrically, and so smaller amperage was sufficient for most homes. Today, many homeowners and commercial building owners are needing to expand their systems to make room for more power. An electrical service upgrade does just that.

    How Do I Know I Need an Upgrade?

    It’s easy to overtax your electrical system without realizing it! The more appliances and electronics you plug in, the more power you consume. Signs that you might need an electrical panel upgrade include dimming lights or flickering when turning on an appliance or other electrical gadget, frequent tripping of your circuit breakers, or noticing plates, switches, or circuitry that is hot to the touch. Of course, anytime you make large additions that require power, you should take an electricity audit and see if you have the needed amperage for the job. 

    How Do I Perform and Electrical Service Upgrade?

    The short answer is: you don’t! Electrical work is highly dangerous and should only be performed by a licensed professional. If you need more power, you can contact a licensed electrician for an inspection and consultation. We’re happy to provide you with a referral!

    While we are not an electrical company, we work with contractors and electricians frequently. Heating and cooling are electrical heavy systems and we know what they take! Before you renovate the home or make large upgrades or additions, contact us for a referral to the right electrical professional. Failure to perform an electrical service upgrade, when necessary, can be a fire and safety hazard. We don’t want that for you!