Lennox EL280 Gas Furnace

Lennox EL280 Gas Furnace.

Next-Level Performance

The Elite® Series takes the Lennox® promise of exceptional comfort and performance to the next level. This superior product family delivers remarkable efficiency. It’s time to elevate your environment. It’s time for Lennox Elite.

Use Less Energy. Save More Money.

Save money and energy with the EL280E gas furnace. The Power Saver™ constant-torque motor design inside the EL280E gas furnace adjusts airspeed based on demand. Whether you’re heating or cooling, that means you’ll use less energy and see lower utility bills.

Up to 46% greater efficiency than standard motors.

Fine-Tune Your Environment

The EL280E gas furnace features two-stage operation using a bigger flame when heating demands are greater, and a smaller flame when they’re not, so you get more even temperatures and lower gas usage.

Efficient and Versatile

The EL280E gas furnace has an 80% AFUE energy rating, which can significantly reduce your heating costs compared to older furnaces. And because it’s dual-fuel capable, you can pair it with a Lennox heat pump for even more efficient operation.

Dual-Fuel Operation for Greater Efficiency

For even greater efficiency, pair your furnace with a Lennox heat pump. This creates a heating system that can switch back and forth between electricity and gas automatically, based on whichever is most cost-efficient for the weather conditions at the time.