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    Pool, Spa, and Jacuzzi Wiring

    Jan 4, 2021 | Blog

    With so many climates in Washington State, homes have everything from jacuzzis for when it’s cold to pools for when it’s warm. New installation comes with one surety: lots of electrical wiring! Wiring varies from project to project, and knowing your local building codes is a good place to start. Any new addition uses more electricity! Getting the wiring right up front can impact the cost of maintenance down the line. Let’s take a closer look!

    Understanding Electrical Requirements for Pools and Spas

    Your home has a total electrical capacity; meaning there is a limit on how much wiring and electrical circuits it can handle. The first step in having a new pool or spa installed is to evaluate your current capacity and consumption. Depending on your current situation, you may need a new meter and electrical panel installed to handle the wiring for your new pool or spa. An inground pool can require up to 200 amps of electrical space, making it very likely that your home will need an electricity upgrade before it can handle one! We’ll help you evaluate this.

    Maintenance for Pools and Spas

    In addition to drowning, electrical hazards are an important safety consideration for family pools. While rare, electrocution can and has happened. It’s important to monitor and maintain your pool and spa. Watch for cracks, broken lights or other exposed elements. If you notice a problem, have it serviced right away and don’t get in the water until it’s repaired! We recommend an annual inspection to keep your pool, spa, or hot tub running efficiently and safety. 

    New Pool, Hot Tub, or Spa Installation

    If you’ve weighed the costs of maintaining your new pool or spa, choosing the right servicer is your next important step! We are happy to work with you on this. Proper wiring installation is vital for safety, and not worth taking a risk with. It will also make the most efficient use of electricity. Before we can begin, though, you’ll need to have the correct permits. You’ll also need a pool designer to survey and plan the placement. We can work with them, too!

    Overall, installing a new pool, hot tub, or spa can take 2-4 months, and is not an inexpensive investment. That’s why we encourage you to not cut corners, and make sure it’s done right! Doing things correctly up front can save you time and money in the long run. If you have a pool that needs maintenance or you’re looking at a new installation, give us a call and let’s chat about how we can help!