“The system lifetime installed was serviced in March of this year. It had a minor issue that the tech repaired. He also added a surge protector. He explained to my wife that we could save money by getting the maintenance agreement. She called me at work to have him explain it. NEVER did he say it was $30 a month to my wife or myself. Instead he made it sound like it was just $25 and a discount on the work he did. Now, we find out that they are charging our account $30 a month. If we want to cancel, we have to pay back the discount amount. We didn't get a copy of the invoice until today. It does not state what the monthly fee is. I will cancel this at 6 months and not owe a dime . I'd be willing to bet the tech gets a spiff for selling this. Hell of a way to do business. I'll never use Lifetime again”

– Richard M.